Beginning small means growing up - and vice versa

Since in 2020 we're started to market and optimizing some of the content, visitor-numbers are continuously rising. Before that we've said: No ads, no trackers. Ads became necessary. But, how do we track visitors? It's a simple thing with intern systems. We're using awstats (since July 2018 Open Web Analytics/ Matomo) and don't want to track who you are or what are you interested in. We're are more interested in how our users use our sites, how often, for how long and with which system from which country they visit us. Completely anonymous. Look at our interfaces.


Numbers telling

Different visit stats for 2020

Name Address Unique Visitors Expected in 2020 Real visitors 2020
TheQuickSaveGamer 14600


max.six 2000


DropYet (Sourceforce excluded) 300


Shortlinks 200


Calculated on current statistics, is expected to be higher than calculated