From Gaming to a Network.

Since TheQuickSaveGamer was just a simple nickname, chosen for video games, TheQuickSaveGamer has been developed to a huge network of websites, services and more, just made for you.
Many units working together to create all the cool stuff we produce.

TheQuickSaveGamer Logo

About the Network

  • Clever

    No pro's at coding, but nevertheless realizing clever ideas with code.

  • Backups

    Safe systems working 24/7 are serving your data securely and backuped.

  • Modern

    Not only modern technology, but also a modern design over all your favorite sites.

Statistics that make us proud.

It is hard to count real numbers and figures, but showing a progress
isn't only an important step for us, to show you what we have to offer.

  • 8 Active Projects
  • 264,000 Files¹
  • Just a few Ads
  • 30,000 Unique Users²
  • ~158 DropYet Installs³

Creating videos, audios, photos, software and websites is just the one site of a network like this. We're also doing it with passion, love and fun. Hosting almost 300,000 files on different servers, maintain them and pay the bill for them is just another one. But doing all this without implementing any ads or external tracking is how we define user friendliness. Gaining the attention of thousands of viewers to our projects is our goal and makes us proud. Seeing raising number without any $-symbols behind it, is just another passion of us. This simply is TheQuickSaveGamer and everything around it. Take part now and come join us today.

Join our Society

By becoming a member, you can donate or programme for us.
Just as this Network would deserve it. Or writing better texts for us. Who knows.